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SEH Head Office, Factory & Showroom


Bower Fuller undertook the design and installation of the mechanical and electrical services for this high profile project.

Within the factory an extensive compressed air system and high level 3 phase busbar system was installed to supply the manufacturing plant. As the manufacturing processes in the factory produce high dust levels which prohibit the use of radiant heaters, Bower Fuller provided a warm air system which is distributed via a fabric sock mounted at high level.

Lighting within the 5m high fully glazed showroom was designed and installed to illuminate the displays during the day and at night to maximise the sales potential of the busy location.

The showroom air conditioning units were installed within a false ceiling which maximises the available sales floor area. The latest technology was utilised to overcome traditional high level air distribution difficulties. ‘Variable Geometry’ swirl diffusers were installed, which regulate the velocity of discharge air dependent on temperature. This ensures environmental conditions are maintained throughout the showroom area.



Mechanical and Electrical D&B Contractor


SEH Windows & Doors

Main Contractor:

SEH French


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