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Regent Theatre, Ipswich

The Regent Theatre is a well-known public building in Ipswich at the heart of cultural life in Suffolk. The main objective of the restoration and upgrade scheme was to make coming to the theatre a more enjoyable experience for customers and performers alike, and moreover, future proof the facilities for the years ahead.

The project comprised a part refurbishment of the lighting and ventilation systems within this 1920’s Theatre.

The main auditorium ventilation system had not been operational for a number of years, and this scheme comprised replacing the redundant belt driven fans to the side of the stage, with roof mounted air handling and cooling units.

The old fans were dismantled and cut up in situ, and were lifted out of the ventilation housings on the roof.

The original foyer, inner foyer and vestibule ceilings were restored to their former 1920’s glory, using an old photograph as a basis.

Fortunately an original vestibule light fitting had been preserved, and this was used as a template for the new light fittings, which were hand made.

Challenges to the installation and programme included a number of shows in the theatre, which required the public areas to be fully operational and safe for public access.




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Ipswich Borough Council

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Barnes Construction

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