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Paxman School, Colchester


The first group of teachers and pupils to start at this brand new school will be introduced to the industrial history of the area due to its location in Colchester and its desire to celebrate the heritage of Paxman diesel engine manufacturing in the town. An original Paxman engine block is placed in honour at the front of the main building. The school further stresses the historical links by naming the adjoining new sports facility after the old 1950’s school closed in 2014, Alderman Blaxhill Sports Centre.

The new state of the art three storey secondary school caters for a 900 student capacity. The teaching block and neighbouring single storey sports block provide teaching spaces for Maths, Art, Resistant Materials, Textiles, Graphics, Food, Music, English, and Humanities. There are also science labs, drama studios, a library, an activity studio, a main hall, a large dining area with a commercial grade kitchen, and SEN areas.

The school has been designed with most of the class bases being ventilated naturally with heating via radiators along with traditional lighting, power and data services. Our scope included the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of the mechanical and electrical services. The heating comprises a mix of radiators, fan convectors, radiant panels and direct gas fired tube heaters in the sports hall. Enhanced natural ventilation is enabled by CO2 room by room controlled systems. Domestic water includes boosted cold, Cat 5, gas fired hot water and local electric hot water heating for the out of hours areas. We also were responsible for the gas services and the main kitchen together with lighting, power, fire and security throughout the entire complex.



Mechanical and Electrical D&B Contractor


Sigma Trust

Main Contractor:

Barnes Construction

M & E Consultant:

Johns Slater & Haward





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