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Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Linac Accelerator Rooms


Refurbishing any hospital space is never easy, but refurbishing a space around complex medical machinery presents particular challenges.

Working with Serco and the team at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital we have delivered two Linac accelerator and control rooms for the radiotherapy department. Each Linac machine necessitated its own specific services and build requirements.

Due to the nature of the Linac process, the spaces are surrounded by mass concrete and lead lining which made access restrictive. Our services included new power, control wiring and chilled water to the new Linac made machines. We also contributed to a general refurbishment of the Linac room and control room, ensuring correct air volumes for ventilation and heating along with new dali dimming LED lighting and specialist light panel, Meigan earthing, and safety switching systems interfaced with the Linac machine and Heatherose control panel.

Once the space was completed by the build team and all M&E services were tested and commissioned, the new Linac equipment and computer systems were tested and commissioned by the Radiotherapy Physics staff.  Due to the nature of the machines installed and the radiation risk, the commissioning process had to be steady and methodical. Clinical scientists were responsible for measuring all the data required at commissioning. This was carried out with a large water tank and involved measuring the performance of the machine in all possible modes of use. This data was processed and checked before being transferred to the treatment planning computer for use in patient dose calculations.


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Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust



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