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(NIAB) The National Institute of Agricultural Botany or NIAB, has created a second new build barn on its Histon site in Cambridge. Known as Barn 1, this is our second major scheme with NIAB and led on from the completion of Barn 2. Both barns are comparable in overall design, hence we were able to replicate the efficiencies introduced on Barn 2 through to Barn 1.  Barn 1 is housed in a new build two storey steel frame building approaching 100 metres in length. It provides a range of spaces such as temperature / humidity-controlled seed handling, sorting areas, specialised growth rooms, and office and laboratory space for its research and development teams. Some areas have been designed for low humidity control and a few spaces have unique lighting layouts to encourage growth of seeds. Temperature, ventilation rates, power requirements and lighting all vary from space to space as so many different processes are taking place in the barn. The design of each room is therefore individually tailored to suit its distinct needs as well as paying due regard within the overall design for future proofing the facilities for the years ahead. Power comes from the sites recently upgraded supply and from an array of roof mounted photovoltaic panels. The hot water generation is developed with four air source heat pumps

The UN predicts that we need to produce 50% more food by 2030, and once again, the world is turning to plant genetic resources for solutions. Celebrating its 100 years of experience in the agricultural and food sectors, the NIAB Trust works to promote agriculture, horticulture and arboriculture anywhere in the world by charitable means. With an expanding crop research programme and extensive experience in seed and variety evaluation, NIAB is working hard to help address the urgent global need to produce more food with a reduced impact on the environment. NIAB has enjoyed Royal support from its foundation and is rightly proud that Her Majesty The Queen is patron. The investment made to develop both Barn 1 and 2 will serve NIAB well to deliver its goals as a leading body in its field.



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