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Kings Parade, Cambridge


Bower Fuller partnered with main contractor, Morgan Sindall, and mechanical and electrical consultant, David Bedwell and Partners on this scheme. The project involved the refurbishment of this listed parade of 8 terraced buildings.

The basement and ground floors were converted in to retail outlets, with the upper floors reconfigured into various styles of apartments and penthouse suites for student accommodation.

One of the major difficulties with the refurbishment was the varying floors levels in each building resulting in complex service routes.

The extensive refurbishment of the buildings dictated a complete replacement of both mechanical and electrical services.

Each building generally had individual domestic hot water systems provided by gas boilers.

As some of the accommodation was split over a number of buildings, this necessitated both horizontal and vertical distribution for the services.

An unusual challenge on the project was the external routing of the gas service in a manner to minimise the aesthetic impact of this pipework.

Special dispensation was obtained to paint the exposed pipework black, rather than the usual yellow ocre.



Mechanical and Electrical Contractor


Kings College

Main Contractor:

Morgan Sindall

M & E Consultant:

David Bedwell & Partners



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