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Epping Forest Burial Park


The Burial Park is set in mature woodland and consists of a ceremonial hall, gathering hall and reception building.

A central 50kw woodchip boiler provides heating and hot water to each of the buildings, and is located in a maintenance barn as part of the development.

Services run between each building via underground service trenches, the route of which was carefully selected to avoid damage to tree roots.

The woodland is managed to provide the primary source of woodchip, the storage of which was designed around the client’s woodchip machinery and boiler plant.

Electrical services included discreet mood lighting, power, data, fire alarm and security, with each outbuilding linked to the reception building, which provides a central monitoring point.

The contract was awarded on a design and build basis, with the Bower Fuller team working closely with the main contractor, architect, consultant and project manager to value engineer an economic installation.

The woodland burial park offers a natural alternative to traditional burials. As it is set in mature woodland, the area is also home to a broad variety of wildlife and woodland plants. The intention is that this environment reinforces the concept of the renewal of life.


Mechanical and Electrical Contractor


Colney Memorial Park

Main Contractor:

May Gurney


Out Of Nowhere



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