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BT Adastral Park, B62 Main LV Panel Replacements


This project was described as a “High Impact” project by Telereal; BT’s Managing Agent.

Adastral Park is BT’s largest Research Park in the UK; with Building B62 being the main building on the site.

The project required the complete replacement of 3 existing LV switch panels; each panel serving an entire floor of the building (approximately 450 people and 4 server rooms on each floor) as part of their “Life Cycle Replacement” programme.

The result of any delay in the changeover would result in the entire floor being non-operational. To reduce the risk of this occurring, the panels were replaced over three bank holiday weekends

Meticulous planning was required; with method statements being developed in 15 minute increments, and project debriefs undertaken between phases.

All three phases were delivered successfully, and the only visible sign to the occupants, was a temporary door appearing to each switch room the week before.




Mechanical and Electrical Main Contractor


British Telecom / Telereal

M & E Consultant:




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