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Addenbrookes Hospital, Resus


Addenbrookes is the designated level 1 major trauma centre for the East of England region. The facilities provide treatment from initial injury through the emergency department, theatres, critical care, the trauma ward, rehabilitation services to discharge. A major element of the centre is the Resus trauma bays.

The Resus trauma bay upgrade project involved the refurbishment and enhancement of the existing set up within the Emergency Department. The works were carried out to future proof the facilities and assist the department in meeting increased demand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project was completed on a fast-track basis over a 6 week duration to minimise any disruption to the daily activities at the hospital. Procurement, deliveries, and programming were keys aspects to ensure deadlines were successfully met. Due to the live nature of the area, above ceiling intrusive surveys were not feasible prior to commencing on site. Instead, we undertook daily and phased coordination in collaboration with the design team, Estates staff, and main contractor Jarvis throughout the early stages to ensure a seamless and efficient installation could be achieved.

Part of the work provides a negative pressure regime to the newly formed trauma bays.  Primarily, this involved the introduction of an oxygen alarm system and the modification and extension of existing ventilation systems to create the requisite environment.  Elsewhere, the air handing unit serving the Resus area was modified and upgraded.  There were also improvements made to domestic services, data, nurse call, fire alarm and access control systems.  Additionally, we upgraded the distribution board to the area. This required careful planning to ensure temporary services were running during the shutdown of this critical component which served other live areas of the department.



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