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Addenbrookes Hospital, ICU/HDU Facility


The project involved a phased remodelling of existing wards, and infilling a courtyard on four floors over an existing workshop, to provide a 30 bed ICU and extensive support facilities.

The site is surrounded on all four sides by occupied ward buildings, and presented numerous challenges to the Project Team. Not least of which was access. The only available route for all plant and materials was via a 2.5m high x 2.2m wide tunnel through an occupied building (as the building prevented the use of a tower crane for safety reasons).

The remodelling had to be phased between the two floors to maintain the existing ICU & HDU facilities. Other floors within the remodelled wing were occupied by acute medical units, therefore requiring noise and vibration restrictions to minimise disruption to patients and staff.

Further phasing constructed three new floors over the existing facilities workshop, in a courtyard enclosed on three sides. The lower level comprised of the plant area, located at that level to allow the equipment to be forklifted via a landing platform. The upper two levels comprised the new ward facilities, which open into the two refurbished wards levels, therefore providing the increased ward space.

There are 31 Starkstrom medical pendants which house numerous services including nurse call, TV, telephone, data, medical gases, emergency call, lighting dimmer control and power supplies, including IPS outlets.

The IPS (isolated power supply) is fed via the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to ensure the medical equipment remains energised.

Linked into the IPS/UPS system is the Meigan earthing system (high integrity earthing) which necessitated over 7000m of cable, in addition to the usual earthing provision.


Mechanical and Electrical Contractor


Cambridge University Hospital (NHS Foundation Trust)

Main Contractor:

Morgan Sindall

M & E Consultant:



Frank Shaw Associates



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