Engineering Services for Buildings

Management Trainees

Over the last few years, Bower Fuller has continued to recruit young talent to train and become the next generation of site operatives and engineers in our industry.

We currently have a number of craft apprentices learning their mechanical and electrical trades under the careful supervision of our skilled teams on local construction sites. Their technical education is also supported on a day release basis by local colleges in East Anglia and around London.

Our management trainees pictured here are all going through a planned learning regime in the office. They are based in the various departments within Bower Fuller on a rota system to give them a taste of the various disciplines whilst acquiring the fundamentals of mechanical and electrical building services. Their technical education is complemented by structured courses at Southbank University, Westminster College and Chelmsford ARU, again covering all aspects of building services.

It has been a tough year for all of our trainees and apprentices, not only adapting to the working environment within Bower Fuller, but also dealing with the frustration of the unprecedented pandemic and the consequent conversion to virtual learning and studying.