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Great team effort

Since the New Year a team of 13 staff at Bower Fuller have been competing in the Suffolk Sport Workplace Challenge. The initiative is part of the National Workplace Challenge in which over 500 companies are asking their employees to clock up regular exercise to help motivate and stay healthy in our work places and in our home life. The Suffolk Workplace Challenge has a number of local companies sponsoring the events and to help encourage the Suffolk teams to keep going.

With the end of the two month competition looming, it’s been great to hear that we are still going strong. Our efforts over the last week in particular have been formally recognised with Bower Fuller winning the latest ‘Team Effort Week’ challenge! Well done to all. Our top exercisers include Brittany Jennings, Karen Cudmore, Catherine Hayzelden, Ben Parker, James Kindred, Caroline Cook, Jim Howlett, Diane Giffard, Will Bannister, Christina Burrows, Steve Hubbard, John Goosen and Colin Clements who have been keenly participating in a diverse range of exercises such as running, cycling, spinning, squash, netball,  snowboarding, rollerblading, cycling, and ballroom dancing.

We all look forward to continuing to get fit and enjoying our prize to have a go at the new ‘Vanished Dr Campbell’s Lab’ Puzzle Room at the Suffolk Food Hall. We hope this is not a challenge too far!!