Engineering Services for Buildings

Central Parade, Walthamstow

We are pleased to be working with main contractor Thomas Sinden to renovate various parts of the Central Parade at Walthamstow. The structure is a 1950’s shopping parade with offices and residential dwellings. It is also Grade II listed by Historic England on the basis that it “embodies the festival of Britain style, blending pattern and colour, surface decoration, slender detailing and lively rhythmical modelling with conviction and élan”. Interestingly, the building is also located on the site of a Second World War V1 flying bomb attack in 1944. The clock tower is one of its most prominent features along with the ceramic tile arrangements, many of which show heraldic shields that have strong links with the borough. We understand these elements also contribute to the development attaining a Grade II listing. The tiles and structure will need to be fully protected throughout the refurbishment period.