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A new digital sign for the entrance at BT Adastral Park

Our Special Projects team continues to be busy with BT at Adastral Park in Martlesham. Most recently, we were given the responsibility of taking down the front entrance signage and replacing it with a new digitalised one, including all of the groundworks and builderswork. As you can see from the photographs it’s had its challenges with the inclement weather and torrential downpours, and by the fact that the new installation is in such a high profile location at the front entrance. What you cannot see is the significant extent of planning and liaison with BT that was essential to ensure the project went well.

On completion we received some nice comments from our client who remarked  “This has been a really tricky project with changing requirements, short timescales and technical issues and I genuinely believe it would not have been completed on time without your (Bower Fuller) direct management. As the client for this work, I found it really valuable that you talked me through each step and explained potential pitfalls and the workarounds. I was also impressed with how you managed your subcontractor, and the effort that they and your team put in around the ground works and electrical supply delivered to high standard in the time available.”