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20 years and counting…. recognising our long service colleagues

As part of the Barnes Group tradition all of our people get together for a Christmas celebration with lunch and a few drinks on the last working day of the year. The event also is an opportunity to recognise our colleagues who have achieved long service milestones with us. This year, there were no fewer than five members of the Bower Fuller team to reach the 20 year mark with us. Congratulations to Lee Macro (electrician), Tony Tatterton (mechanical craftsman), Craig Horn (special projects craftsman), Neil Gregory (electrical contracts manager) and Tom Pearce (commercial manager) who are all pictured with our Chairman.

To some, twenty years is a long time. When our colleagues joined us two decades ago, they may recall that the Nokia 6120 “brick” was the most popular mobile, we all had MP3’s and VHS’s, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were in office, Google was founded, Titanic was playing at the cinema, and France won the World Cup. This was the tournament that Beckham was sent off against Argentina for a petulant kick and this is the last major football tournament that Scotland participated in. Of course they didn’t make it past the first round, but at least they scored against Brazil in the opening match of the competition!

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