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Working with so much history – Toynbee Hall

Bower Fuller continues its good relationship with main contractor Thomas Sinden by being entrusted to deliver the mechanical and electrical installations on the refurbishment of Toynbee Hall in central London. Steeped in history dating back to 1884, the site is the subject of a significant investment. The Grade II listed building will have refurbished halls, study rooms and learning spaces. When complete, it will provide a full heritage experience showcasing Toynbee’s landmark history. Space for the new “Heritage Entrance” is being created in the façade of the historic building. This will lead into the flagship exhibition space. Profumo House has also been made ready for demolition to make way for a new Centre for Advice and Wellbeing together with the introduction of new commercial office facilities.

Toynbee Hall was created in the late nineteenth century by Samuel Barnett, a Church of England vicar, to a growing realisation that enduring social change would not be achieved through the existing individualised and piecemeal approaches. The radical vision was to create a place for future leaders to live and work as volunteers in London’s East End, bringing them face to face with poverty, and giving them the opportunity to develop practical solutions. Toynbee Hall works on the frontline in the struggle against poverty and works together to tackle social injustice. Their youth and older people’s projects, advice services and financial inclusion work are all geared towards supporting those who live in some of the most deprived conditions in the UK. They work with the community not only to support them in times of crises but to move them beyond crises by providing them with the skills and support they need to create a more sustainable future.

Throughout the 130 year history, it is one of pioneering new solutions for poverty, working within the community and giving people the skills and knowledge they need to help themselves while working to influence opinion and to change the systems and policies that affect people today.

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