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Bumblebee Children’s Charity

As part of our giving to good causes that promote the advancement or well being of people, our staff has chosen our charity of the year for 2017 to be the Bumblebee Children’s Charity. The charity is an independent pre-school, based in Ipswich for children who have difficulties with movement and co-ordination. The school incorporates all aspects of a child’s development (physical, cognitive, social and emotional) into its programme. Every child has different needs, so the programme is designed around the individual child and related to his or her age and abilities.  Parents/primary carers work with their child, usually as part of a group, using equipment, toys and songs to make the tasks enjoyable and productive. Parents are guided by staff as to the functional aim of individual tasks and how to transfer skills to the daily routine at home. The charity depends solely on voluntary donations. More information can be found at

Various fund raising events will happen throughout the year. Some energetic members of staff will soon hopefully be completing the Stowmarket Half Marathon in March. We wish them all the best of luck for the run and their fund raising efforts.